Catalogue of photos for sale | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Catalogue of photos for sale

Below you can see the photographs available to order from Gwulo. They've been scanned at high resolution and digitally restored.

Each photo shows its reference number (please quote this when ordering), and the maximum resolution available when ordering digital copies. You can click any photo to see a zoomable, medium-resolution copy, and some historical information about the photograph.

Please click here to contact me with any questions, or if you would like to order prints or digital copies.

1880s Happy Valley
Gwulo reference: A513B. Size: 5,000 x 3,867 pixels.

1880s View over Tai Ping Shan to harbour
Gwulo reference: A254. Size: 12,561 x 9,942 pixels.

c.1886 View over Central and the Harbour
Gwulo reference: A002. Size: 8,000 x 5,885 pixels.

c.1890 View of Naval Yard, harbour & TST from Scandal Point
Gwulo reference: A076. Size: 15,800 x 12,640 pixels.

1890s View along the Praya
Gwulo reference: A344. Size: 3,000 x 3,000 pixels.

c.1900 View of beached sampans along the Yau Ma Tei shoreline
Gwulo reference: A218. Size: 9,312 x 9,312 pixels.

c.1900 View over Garden Road
Gwulo reference: A035A. Size: 11,154 x 8,776 pixels.

c.1900 Peak Hotel
Gwulo reference: EC016. Size: 9,742 x 4,869 pixels.

1901. Connaught Road, Central
Gwulo reference: A008. Size: 3,000 x 2,400 pixels.

c.1901 - "The Naval Department Buildings, Queen's Road"
Gwulo reference: NDA11. Size: 4,000 x 2,559 pixels.

c.1901 Queen's Road East
Gwulo reference: NDA23. Size: 4,000 x 2,665 pixels.

1901. The King's birthday salute.
Gwulo reference: A283. Size: 7,048 x 5,143 pixels.

c.1902 Shau Kei Wan
Gwulo reference: A262. Size: 7,132 x 7,568 pixels.

In the stoke-hole of H.M.S. Terrible. Hong Kong, China. 1902.
Gwulo reference: A101. Size: 6,656 x 7,027 pixels.

Wanchai's seafront in 1902
Gwulo reference: NDA02. Size: x pixels.

c.1904 View of Union Church and east along Kennedy Road
Gwulo reference: A035D. Size: 6,055 x 8,195 pixels.

c.1904 Kennedy Town
Gwulo reference: A552. Size: 3,000 x 2,100 pixels.

c.1905 Buildings on the Peak
Gwulo reference: A007. Size: 3,181 x 1,989 pixels.

c.1906 Construction at the Naval Dockyard
Gwulo reference: BA037. Size: 16,939 x 12,134 pixels.

c.1906 View over Mid-levels and Central to harbour
Gwulo reference: BA059A. Size: 6,256 x 5,005 pixels.

1906 The Praya near Blake Pier after a typhoon
Gwulo reference: BA026-CROP. Size: 6,147 x 7,684 pixels.

Kowloon Wharves after the 1906 typhoon
Gwulo reference: BA004. Size: x pixels.

1906 Ships & buildings near Tai kok tsui showing typhoon damage
Gwulo reference: BA064. Size: 6,768 x 4,672 pixels.

1906 View of Hong Kong island from the harbour
Gwulo reference: BA058. Size: 4,000 x 2,787 pixels.

1907 View over Bowen Road Military Hospital & Naval Yards to Harbour
Gwulo reference: BA056. Size: 13,671 x 9,313 pixels.

1907 Tennis in Hong Kong
Gwulo reference: BA121. Size: 8,040 x 7,368 pixels.

1907 Soldiers swimming
Gwulo reference: BB022. Size: 8,412 x 5,904 pixels.

c.1908 Cable car for men working on the KCR Beacon Hill tunnel
Gwulo reference: A117. Size: 3,627 x 4,903 pixels.

c.1908 Pedder Street
Gwulo reference: A436. Size: 3,200 x 4,000 pixels.

1909 Unveiling statues in Statue Square
Gwulo reference: BB10. Size: 4,000 x 2,693 pixels.

c.1910 Ship's crew at Hong Kong
Gwulo reference: A095. Size: 12,952 x 8,208 pixels.

1910s View of The Peak
Gwulo reference: A006. Size: 3,389 x 2,110 pixels.

c.1910 Ma Tau Wai & surroundings
Gwulo reference: EC001. Size: 12,190 x 7,683 pixels.

1910s Crowd in the Happy Valley Grandstand
Gwulo reference: A620. Size: x pixels.

1912. The end of the Chinese Queue. Text & photos from British Army christmas card.
Gwulo reference: A040A. Size: 4,485 x 3,588 pixels.

1917. 25th Middlesex Regiment Concert Party
Gwulo reference: EA008. Size: 7,996 x 6,392 pixels.

1918 Lookout at Cape D'Aguilar
Gwulo reference: EA024. Size: 5,362 x 7,301 pixels.

1920s At the harbour's edge in Sheung Wan
Gwulo reference: ED004. Size: 12,144 x 7,368 pixels.

1920s Lady in sedan chair in Statue Square
Gwulo reference: A078. Size: 12,081 x 7,224 pixels.

c.1920 Dragon Boat off North Point
Gwulo reference: ED007. Size: 12,246 x 7,117 pixels.

Dry dock at Taikoo
Gwulo reference: ED016. Size: x pixels.

1920 Mr. Komor on his motorbike in front of his shop
Gwulo reference: EA007. Size: 8,652 x 5,399 pixels.

1920s View down the Peak Tram line
Gwulo reference: EC032. Size: 4,000 x 2,430 pixels.

1920s Excavation of Morrison Hill
Gwulo reference: EC003. Size: 12,526 x 7,795 pixels.

c.1922 The Hong Kong Hotel
Gwulo reference: EC037. Size: 7,814 x 9,768 pixels.

c.1922 View of Hong Kong from the harbour
Gwulo reference: EE058. Size: 4,000 x 2,825 pixels.

1923 Unveiling the Cenotaph
Gwulo reference: EA015. Size: 10,000 x 7,983 pixels.

1923 Damaged trams on Arsenal Street
Gwulo reference: BA002. Size: 8,337 x 6,252 pixels.

1924 Sampans in Staunton's Creek
Gwulo reference: A080. Size: 11,932 x 7,021 pixels.

1920s View over Kennedy Town
Gwulo reference: BC009. Size: 10,609 x 7,159 pixels.

c.1924 Looking east from the Peak towards Causeway Bay
Gwulo reference: BC014. Size: 10,695 x 7,078 pixels.

1920s Queen's Road Central
Gwulo reference: EC010. Size: 8,000 x 5,014 pixels.

1924 Happy Valley
Gwulo reference: ED020. Size: 10,008 x 5,712 pixels.

Cooling off
Gwulo reference: A180C. Size: 9,095 x 6,713 pixels.

c.1925 Happy Valley
Gwulo reference: A184B. Size: 6,223 x 4,549 pixels.

1920s Nathan Road
Gwulo reference: A184A. Size: 6,283 x 4,255 pixels.

c.1925 Sampans off Shau Kei Wan
Gwulo reference: C001. Size: 11,568 x 6,636 pixels.

1920s Houses at The Peak
Gwulo reference: EA003. Size: 11,945 x 7,274 pixels.

1920s Brownies
Gwulo reference: EC038. Size: 6,283 x 3,890 pixels.

1920s Swimming at Repulse Bay
Gwulo reference: ED015. Size: 12,274 x 7,409 pixels.

c.1925 Central Praya
Gwulo reference: EE060. Size: 6,000 x 3,711 pixels.

c.1925 Pedder Street
Gwulo reference: EE061. Size: 6,000 x 3,634 pixels.

1920s Sheung Wan
Gwulo reference: A197. Size: 3,000 x 2,074 pixels.

1920s Wandering Shoemaker
Gwulo reference: EC014. Size: 3,000 x 1,844 pixels.

1920s View of Central from the Harbour
Gwulo reference: A222. Size: 4,000 x 2,416 pixels.

1920s Deep Water Bay
Gwulo reference: EM003. Size: 3,000 x 2,139 pixels.

HMS Tamar
Gwulo reference: EE056. Size: x pixels.

1920s Caine Road
Gwulo reference: A309I2. Size: 9,680 x 5,500 pixels.

1926 Submarines and HMS Titania
Gwulo reference: ED001. Size: 8,000 x 4,905 pixels.

1926 Landslide
Gwulo reference: EA018. Size: 8,132 x 4,964 pixels.

1926 Nullah swept away
Gwulo reference: A488. Size: 3,000 x 1,789 pixels.

Merry Christmas, 1927-style
Gwulo reference: A092. Size: 4,000 x 2,484 pixels.

1927 - "Coolies wearing Chinese raincoats" at Kowloon wharves in TST
Gwulo reference: A229. Size: 7,476 x 12,804 pixels.

c.1928 Houses on hill above Stubbs Road
Gwulo reference: A309F3. Size: 9,655 x 5,491 pixels.

c.1928 Peak Hotel
Gwulo reference: A309B2. Size: 9,415 x 5,208 pixels.

c.1928 Blake Garden
Gwulo reference: A309H1. Size: 7,160 x 3,912 pixels.

c.1928 Praya East Reclamation
Gwulo reference: A361B. Size: 6,000 x 3,717 pixels.

c.1928 View from the Peak over Central and the harbour
Gwulo reference: A079. Size: 4,000 x 2,325 pixels.

1928 Ticker-tape departure of Empress of Russia from the Kowloon Wharves
Gwulo reference: EG001. Size: x pixels.

1928 View down Wellington Street
Gwulo reference: A269. Size: 12,125 x 7,433 pixels.

1928 Garrison at Lyemun
Gwulo reference: ED002. Size: 6,336 x 4,040 pixels.

1930s Panorama from Central to Causeway Bay
Gwulo reference: A135+6. Size: 22,206 x 8,312 pixels.

c.1930 Looking west over the Albany Filter Beds
Gwulo reference: A088. Size: 12,057 x 7,437 pixels.

c.1930 Bridal sedan chair near City Hall
Gwulo reference: A017. Size: 6,289 x 4,632 pixels.

1930s Pottinger Street
Gwulo reference: A048. Size: 3,615 x 4,519 pixels.

c.1930 Bayonet practice
Gwulo reference: EA001. Size: 3,911 x 5,514 pixels.

c.1930 Funeral procession along Gap Road (today's Queen's Rd. E.)
Gwulo reference: EC031A. Size: 7,349 x 4,241 pixels.

c.1930 Cheung Chau
Gwulo reference: EC036. Size: 12,063 x 6,784 pixels.

View of Hongkong island from TST
Gwulo reference: A368. Size: 2,000 x 1,990 pixels.

1930s Sheung Wan
Gwulo reference: A280Q. Size: 2,000 x 1,353 pixels.

Dry dock at Royal Naval Dockyard
Gwulo reference: ED012. Size: x pixels.

1932 Queen's Road Central
Gwulo reference: A280D. Size: 12,085 x 7,504 pixels.

c.1932 Peninsula Hotel
Gwulo reference: A280G. Size: 8,591 x 5,197 pixels.

1930s Tai O
Gwulo reference: A180A. Size: 5,038 x 3,980 pixels.

c.1935 View over Aberdeen harbour
Gwulo reference: A005. Size: 11,813 x 7,452 pixels.

c.1935 Des Voeux Road Central
Gwulo reference: A053. Size: 6,000 x 3,557 pixels.

c.1935 Altadena, Barker Road, The Peak
Gwulo reference: A077G. Size: 4,744 x 3,615 pixels.

c.1935 Hawker, book stall, rat bin
Gwulo reference: A077R. Size: 5,158 x 3,928 pixels.

c.1935 Drinking Tea at Happy Valley
Gwulo reference: EA020. Size: 12,208 x 6,992 pixels.

1930s Lee Yuen Street West
Gwulo reference: A280T. Size: 7,505 x 11,784 pixels.

1930s Buses & rickshaws leave TST Star Ferry
Gwulo reference: EC027. Size: 8,661 x 5,623 pixels.

1935 Des Voeux Rd
Gwulo reference: A280A. Size: 7,749 x 4,872 pixels.

1935 KGV Silver Jubilee procession along Queen's Road Central
Gwulo reference: EA028. Size: 12,337 x 7,571 pixels.

c.1935 Des Voeux Road at Central Fire Station
Gwulo reference: A070. Size: 6,143 x 4,914 pixels.

1936 Beached ship after typhoon
Gwulo reference: BA001. Size: 7,200 x 4,580 pixels.

c.1937 Des Voeux Road near HSBC
Gwulo reference: A280B. Size: 4,000 x 2,451 pixels.

1937. View Bowen Road Military Hospital over Murray Barracks to Central
Gwulo reference: EC005. Size: 9,502 x 5,555 pixels.

A Chinese woman sewing on Wyndham Street
Gwulo reference: A560. Size: 3,000 x 1,931 pixels.

c.1935 View of Hong Kong from the harbour
Gwulo reference: A093. Size: 11,967 x 7,469 pixels.

c.1940 Quarry Bay
Gwulo reference: A083. Size: 5,632 x 1,715 pixels.

1940 Naval wedding
Gwulo reference: A123. Size: 12,050 x 8,554 pixels.

c.1946 View over HK harbour from May Road
Gwulo reference: A360. Size: 4,000 x 2,443 pixels.

c.1949 HMS London moored at Naval dockyard
Gwulo reference: EA016. Size: 6,000 x 3,461 pixels.

c.1950 Junction of Argyle St. & Prince Edward Rd.
Gwulo reference: A225B. Size: 7,224 x 4,794 pixels.

1950s Sailing Junk
Gwulo reference: A225H-CROP1. Size: 1,790 x 2,238 pixels.

1950s Sailing Junk
Gwulo reference: A334-CROP1. Size: 3,244 x 4,055 pixels.

c.1950 Sailing Junk in harbour off Sheung Wan
Gwulo reference: A384-CROP1. Size: 3,738 x 4,673 pixels.

1940s View across Wanchai
Gwulo reference: A225G. Size: 4,000 x 2,764 pixels.

1950s Farmer above Tai Hang
Gwulo reference: A225M. Size: 3,000 x 2,021 pixels.

1950s Causeway Bay typhoon shelter
Gwulo reference: A431. Size: x pixels.

1950s Centre Street, Sai Ying Pun
Gwulo reference: BF001. Size: x pixels.

c.1950 Central from the harbour
Gwulo reference: EM001. Size: 4,000 x 2,369 pixels.

1952 View down the Peak Tram line and over Central
Gwulo reference: A054A. Size: 5,046 x 6,308 pixels.

1950s Queen's Road Central
Gwulo reference: A294I. Size: 9,720 x 6,488 pixels.

1953 Nathan Road
Gwulo reference: A293G. Size: 4,000 x 3,826 pixels.

1954 Mary Ah Choy side-party boat
Gwulo reference: EC039. Size: 5,063 x 3,463 pixels.

1950s View of Central from the harbour
Gwulo reference: A420. Size: 3,000 x 1,818 pixels.

1954 Vegetable hawker, Aberdeen
Gwulo reference: A036. Size: 3,537 x 4,421 pixels.

c.1955 View of HK from harbour
Gwulo reference: A003. Size: 4,000 x 2,632 pixels.

1950s (?) Children's party
Gwulo reference: EA006A. Size: 7,577 x 5,008 pixels.

1950s (?) Children's party
Gwulo reference: EA006B. Size: 7,560 x 4,984 pixels.

1950s Des Voeux Road Central
Gwulo reference: A225D. Size: 5,288 x 3,199 pixels.

c.1955 Sailing junk in harbour off Sheung Wan
Gwulo reference: A003-CROP1. Size: 2,650 x 3,312 pixels.

1955 Queens Road Central
Gwulo reference: A333B. Size: 4,000 x 2,527 pixels.

c.1955 Star Ferry
Gwulo reference: A147. Size: 7,680 x 4,727 pixels.

1950s 7-storey resettlement block
Gwulo reference: EC004. Size: 10,884 x 7,005 pixels.

1950s View north along Nathan Road from the Shamrock Hotel
Gwulo reference: NA001. Size: 4,000 x 2,441 pixels.

1960s Street in Causeway Bay
Gwulo reference: A244A. Size: 7,113 x 4,641 pixels.

1960s Boys feeding chickens
Gwulo reference: EM012. Size: 3,000 x 1,908 pixels.

1960s Seafront at Sai Ying Pun
Gwulo reference: EM005. Size: 3,000 x 1,815 pixels.

1960s Quarry Bay
Gwulo reference: EM007. Size: 2,000 x 1,361 pixels.

1960s Looking west over HK Football Club
Gwulo reference: A243B. Size: 5,663 x 3,409 pixels.

1960s Kadoorie Hill
Gwulo reference: A243A. Size: 7,008 x 4,484 pixels.

c.1966 GPO pier, Central
Gwulo reference: A034. Size: 6,142 x 4,077 pixels.

1969 Swimmers heading to Repulse Bay
Gwulo reference: A302M. Size: 6,723 x 4,276 pixels.

1969. Hong Kong island from across the harbour
Gwulo reference: A010B. Size: 4,188 x 2,817 pixels.

Fishermen's children and boats at Aberdeen
Gwulo reference: A082. Size: 8,134 x 5,092 pixels.

1974. Squatter village below Mount Davis
Gwulo reference: A298. Size: 2,835 x 4,296 pixels.

1977 Demolishing the GPO
Gwulo reference: HB006. Size: 4,000 x 2,694 pixels.