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1946 Funeral procession

1946 Funeral procession

Photo courtesy of reader Geoffrey:

This is a close up view of my great grandpa's shopfront at roughly no. 48 or 50 of Temple Street. The bamboo scaffolding is amazing in that it was erected so that the coffin could be moved up and down the Chinese tenement, since the staircase in the premises would have been too restricted to serve such purpose. Don't know what exact purpose it served, but accordingly it was the norm at the time to have the coffin at home prior to burial. Love those wreaths again - they look rather imposing on the photos. For those of you who read Chinese, one of them have the description '身會', which is the birthplace of my great grandparents in Guangdong, even though the first character happens to be wrong but still it gives the right phonetic sound of the location. This pic is north facing and the coffin I think is the object in the right foreground of the photo.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, January 1, 1946


My 2 cents: 身會 may be the last 2 chinese character of something like "XXX 健身會" (XXX body building club).

Upon close inspection, yes the character before 身會 is 健.

Besides 身會,I also find 仝人 two Chinese characters on the right hand side of 身會。 仝人means all the person in the same organization.