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... David: I arrived in Hong Kong from the UK in 1989, stopping over on the way to Australia. I stayed here a couple of months before carrying on, but around two years later I came back again and have been here ever since.

I enjoy reading about old Hong Kong, and trying to find out more about whatever catches my interest. I'm a happy mapaholic, with old photos coming a close second. But lets get on to something more interesting...

... Gwulo.com: Here's how it started - our first history article, from February 2006. Though it wasn't called Gwulo.com yet, instead it appeared on a different website which was a mix of historical and current information about Hong Kong.

A few more articles followed, then a great thing happened - other people joined in. First via the comments, then reader 'moddsey' started sending in old photos related to whatever I was writing about (Thank you!). They are always popular, and turned out to be a great way to attract people to visit the website.

The next lurch forward was the new 'Place' feature. A typical Place is an old building, eg the old Hongkong Hotel. It's part of a key goal for Gwulo.com, that people should only need to write something once. Places are linked to the photos they appear in, so all the notes about that old building are easy to read in one place, instead of scattered across different photos.

Gwulo.com was born in July 2009, when the historical content was spun off from the mixed site I mentioned earlier. The number of visitors, regular readers, and most importantly contributors, has increased steadily since then, with the site adding its 20,000th page in 2015.

We've also been lucky to collect a couple of awards along the way:

  • 2013: Gwulo received a Citation from The American Institute of Architects (Hong Kong Chapter) for "raising public awareness and appreciation for the physical and cultural heritage of Hong Kong".
  • 2014: I received the Heritage Preservation Award, one of the SCMP's annual "The Spirit of Hong Kong Awards", for my work on Gwulo.

I love reading the daily posts on a wide range of topics, and seeing how different people join in to share what they know and answer readers' questions. I hope you'll enjoy reading them too, and join in by sharing whatever facts & memories you can about old Hong Kong.



PS Any questions about Gwulo.com? Please ask away in the comments below.


Good Morning David,

My husband and I love youe webpage.  Are you still live in Hong Kong?   We are wondering if you are giving any talks in here or work with Royal Asistic Society, Helena May or Royal Geography Club.

Please stay well and have a good weekend!
Tina P Ford


Hello Tina,

Glad to hear you're enjoying the website, and yes, I'm still in Hong Kong.

All three of the organsations you mentioned have had me along as a speaker st some point or other. Most recently I was booked to give a talk to the RAS in February - it got cancelled due to the virus but it will probably be rescheduled when things get back to normal.

Regards, David

Hi David,

I served in the RN working at the Marine Police HQ (MARPOL) TST 1984 - 1987

I have looked at all 60+ forum pages and find some of the content fascinating, but the majority certainly before my time, and as such need to ask the question as to what you determine as the boundaries of time in terms of the website title 'Old Hong Kong'?

I still have numerous pictures (Kodachrome slides - remember them!)  taken during my time as i was and still am an avid photographer, just wondered if there is likely to be any interest as i don't want to provide content that may not be of any interest


Hi Mark,

Thanks for asking - the website's focus is the colonial period, so anything up to 1997 is a good fit. (You'll often see modern photos too, but they'll be of something old, eg old buildings.) Any photos from 1984-1987 will certainly be welcome.

Regards, David

Thanks David...


'watch this space'....

Hi David

Thanks for sharing amazing articles and photos here. Hope you're well and your site has been very fruitful!

Thank you.