2012-10 Welcome to 蘋果日報 readers | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

2012-10 Welcome to 蘋果日報 readers

If you're visiting after reading the article in today's 蘋果日報 / Apple Daily, welcome to 古老 / Gwulo!

Here's the link to the main page about Japanese Wartime Tunnels in Hong Kong. If you've heard family stories of local men digging these tunnels, please can you tell them to us?

Here's a link to the animated map showing Hong Kong's development over the years.

Below are the photos from the article. Click any photo to see a more detailed copy, and the story behind the photo. You can also subscribe to Gwulo, so you'll know when each new photo appears - you'll get one or two messages a week.

Thanks for visiting, I hope you'll join in and share with us what you know about old Hong kong.

Regards, David



Great article David, well done.

Thanks Phil, I wasn't sure what would happen after the interview, but I was very pleased to see it appeared as a full page article in yesterday's paper.

I asked my wife to translate it for me, and only noticed a couple of minor errors: it gives the impression I've written all the 11,000 pages and uploaded all the thousands of photos, but of course many have been written / uploaded by contributors such as yourself. And it mentions 1 million visitors over the last 12 months, when there actually 1 million pageviews but only 132,000 unique visitors.

But overall very positive, and it has brought many new visitors to the site, so my sincere thanks to Apple Daily, and their reporter Linda Lau.

Regards, David