2011-03 RTHK's Morning Brew: Gwulo interview | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

2011-03 RTHK's Morning Brew: Gwulo interview

If you're visiting us after hearing the interview on "Morning Brew" this morning, welcome to Gwulo.com! I've put a bunch of links below, so you can read more about any of the different subjects we discussed.

(If you missed the show, please click here to play the interview. It lasts around 11 minutes.)

On with the links:

Many thanks to Caroline Chan at RTHK for inviting me onto the show, and to Phil Whelan, the host of Morning Brew. As you can probably hear, I was a bit nervous at the start of the chat, but he's great at getting the conversation going, then keeping it moving along.

You can visit the RTHK website for more information about the Morning Brew show.

Regards, David

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Excellent! Well done David.

Thanks Phil!

I got an email that the link above to listen to the interview didn't work. Another option is to listen to it on the RTHK website.

Regards, David

no problems.

  I have now pressed the right buttons and the link has worked so I have now listened to the interview.  It's great,  well done David !