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List of organisations

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Namesort descending Type Status Created Closed
1st Royal Tank Regiment Armed services Active
54 Squadron, Royal Engineers Armed services Inactive
88 Company RGA Armed services Inactive 1924
965 Defence Battery Armed services Inactive
A Hing photographic studio Business Inactive 1909 1935
A. S. Watson & Co. Ld Business Active
Ah King Slipway Business Inactive 1891 2002
Alex. Ross and Co. Business Inactive
American Marine Limited Business Inactive 1956 1975
Army Armed services Active
Baxter Vernacular School (Bonham Road) / Fairlea Girls School Education (school, college, etc) Inactive 1883 1936
British Army Aid Group (BAAG) Armed services Inactive 1942 1945
C Force Armed services Inactive
C. E. Warren & Co., then C. E. Warren & Co. Ld. Business Inactive 1899 1941
Carmichael and Clarke., Ltd. Business Active 1894
Chan Tuck & Co. Business Inactive
Chinese Maritime Customs Government Inactive
Dairy Farm Business Active
Diocesan Boys' School (DBS) Education (school, college, etc) Active
Dodwell's Business Inactive 1973
Dutch community in Hong Kong Other Active
E Contingent, Hong Kong Police Other Inactive 1930
Gangjiu Da Dui / HK-Kowloon brigade / 港九大隊 Armed services Inactive 1942 1943
Geo. Fenwick and CO. Business Inactive 1880 1911
German community in Hong Kong Other Active
Gilman Motors Business Inactive 1976
Glendinning Limited Business Inactive 1987 1990
Graca & Co. Business Inactive
Gwulo Other Active 2006
H. Uyeno Photographic Studio Business Inactive 1885 1889
Holland Engineering & Trading Co. Ltd. Business Inactive 1965 1993
Holland-China Trading Company Business Unknown 1903
Hong Kong Land Investment & Agency Co. Business Inactive 1889
Hong Kong Volunteer Defence Corps, Number 3 (Machine Gun) Company Armed services Inactive 1935
Hongkong Electric Co. Business Active 1889
Hongkong Ice Company, Ltd. Business Inactive 1918
Hongkong, Canton and Macao Steamboat Company Business Inactive 1865 1958
Indian community in Hong Kong Other Active
International Women's Club Other Inactive 1933
Ipekdjian Brothers Diamond Merchants Business Unknown
Kayamally Ltd. -- fabric company Business Active
KCR - Kowloon Canton Railway ( British Section) Government Inactive 1910 2007
Kelly & Walsh Business Active
Kernel Seed Company Business Unknown
Kruse & Co. Business Inactive
Kwong Sang Hong, Limited Business Active 1898
Lane Crawford Business Active 1850
London Missionary Society Religious Inactive
Long Kee (Tailors) Business Inactive
M Sternberg, Wholesale and Retail Postcard Dealer Business Inactive 1906 1914
Mee Cheung & Co.- Photo Supplies Business Inactive 1894 1939
Nederlandsch-Indische Handelsbank / Netherlands India Commercial Bank Business Inactive 1907 1950
Netherlands Harbour Works, Ltd Business Inactive 1924 1957
Noronha & Co. Business Inactive
Norwegian Community in Hong Kong WWII Other Inactive 1941 1945
Norwegian War Time Committee Other Inactive 1941 1945
P&T Architects & Engineers Ltd Business Active 1871
Pun Lun photographic studio Business Inactive 1864 1907
Punchard Lowther & Co. Business Inactive
Queen Alexandra's Imperial Nursing Service / Royal Army Nursing Corps (QAIMNS/QARANC) Armed services Inactive
Queen's Cafe Business Inactive 1952
Radio Television Hong Kong (RTHK) Government Active 1928
Rediffusion Business Inactive 1949 1973
Robinson Piano Company Business Unknown
Royal Army Medical Corps (RAMC) Armed services Active
Royal Artillery Armed services Active
Royal Asiatic Society Hong Kong Other Active
Royal Engineers Armed services Active
Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club Other Active
Royden House Junior and Senior School Education (school, college, etc) Inactive
Russian community in Hong Kong Other Active
Sanitary Board Government Inactive 1883 1936
Secret Intelligence Service (SIS), aka MI6 Other Active
Shewan Tomes & Co. Business Inactive
The Hong Kong Amateur Dramatic Club Other Inactive 1860 1941
The Hong Kong Chinese Regiment Armed services Inactive
The Hongkong Pictorial Postcard Co. Business Inactive 1905
Tou Shing / To Shing photographic studio Business Inactive 1875 1881
Tun Wo photographic studio Business Inactive 1871 1871
Volunteer soldiers in Hong Kong Armed services Inactive
Wai Kee Jewellers Ltd Business Active 1885
Wilkinson & Grist Solicitors Business Active 1883
Wing Chong photographic studio Business Inactive 1875 1885
Wing Kee & Co. Business Inactive
Z Force Armed services Inactive
Zetland Lodge Other Active 1846