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Holland-China Trading Company [1903- ]

Holland-China Trading Company

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The first mention of this company I've found in the Jurors Lists is in the list for 1907:

c Klinnanek ((sic. should be "Klimanek")) Philipp Harding Assistant Holland China Trading Co.   On premises  


There are another couple of companies in the same building with similar names - it's not clear if that's just a coincidence or if they're other versions of the same company's name:

c Kien Willem Merchant Holland China Handels Co.   Alexandra Buildings
c Kapteyn Barend Dirk Assistant Holland Trading Co   Alexandra Building

Hello David,

Thank you for adding Holland-China Trading Company to the list of organisations. It was founded 1 October 1903 in Rotterdam, with offices in Rotterdam, Hong Kong, Shanghai and Tianjin (Tientsin). In 1948 it was taken over by Internatio Muller, and used the name Holland-China Trading Company into the 1960s.

One of the first employees was Willem Kien, who lived in Hong Kong in the 1900s and moved to Shanghai afterwards.

Philip Harding Klimanek (please adjust the spelling on the juror's list) worked for the company as well.

I am working on a book about this company and the people who worked there, "Charles in Shanghai".

Several more photos can be found in my Flickr album: https://www.flickr.com/photos/161392673@N02/albums/72157678311166098

Kind regards,

Pieter Lommerse

Hi Pieter,

Thanks for the extra information about the people and the company. As you say, Willem Kien was here earlier. He also appears in the Jurors List for 1906:

c Kien Willem Manager Holland China Handels Co.   Alexandra Buildings  

The name I had as Klinnanck was mis-transcribed, but the original document has a mistake too, showing it as Klinnanek. In the 1908 list they get it right: Klimanek

Regards, David