Map of Hong Kong Streets | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Map of Hong Kong Streets

To use the map...

Zoom in:

  • Click the '+' in the top-left corner, or
  • Use your mouse-wheel, or
  • Stretch two fingers apart on a touch screen

Zoom out:

  • Click the '-' in the top-left corner, or
  • Use your mouse-wheel, or
  • Pinch two fingers together on a touch screen

Go full-screen:

  • Click the [ ] icon in the top-right corner of the map.
  • When you've finished, click the icon again or press the 'Esc' key on your keyboard.

View different layers:

  • Click the layers icon on the right of the map. Click a layer to toggle it between hidden and shown.

View Streets:

  • Each marker is a Street (or road, path, or other route) in Hong Kong that has a page on Gwulo.
  • The colour of the marker shows the current condition of that Street:
    • Green=In use,
    • Yellow=Ruin,
    • Red=No longer in use,
    • Blue/White=Unknown.
  • Click any marker and a pop-up appears to show the name of the Street. Click on the name to see further details of that Street.

Groups of Streets:

  • The larger circles with numbers show groups of Streets. The number shows how many Streets are there. You can either zoom in to see them individually, or click the number to expand it.

More about the layers:

  • When you click the layers icon, you see two lists of maps:
    • Base maps
      • Map by ESRI - Buildings outlines, plus contours and shading in the countryside
      • Map by OSM - Less detail in the city, but good coverage of the footpaths in Hong Kong's countryside
      • Hybrid by Google - Satellite view plus names of streets and major buildings
      • Satellite by Google
    • Overlays
      • Scanned paper maps, matched to the correct location

If anything isn't clear, please ask in the comments below.