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Your privacy

This page explains what information is recorded when you visit the Gwulo website, and what it is used for. It's mostly just what's needed to do the job, eg user name and password for registered users, a mailing address if you order a book, etc. We also use Facebook and Google to advertise Gwulo's newsletter and books. Here's the longer version ...

All visitors to the Gwulo website

  • Cookies
    • What: Cookies are small data files that your browser saves a copy of when you visit a website such as Gwulo. Your browser passes the saved cookies back to Gwulo when you next visit the site.
    • Used for: They let Gwulo remember your preferences, and whether or not you've already logged in to the site, the next time you visits the site. You can choose not to accept Gwulo's cookies, but you may need to manually re-enter information (eg log in again, or re-select your preferences) when you next visit the site.
  • Log Data
    • What: Like many site operators, we collect the information that your browser sends whenever you visit the site. It includes information such as your computer's Internet Protocol ("IP") address, browser type, browser version, the pages of our Site that you visit, the time and date of your visit, the time spent on those pages and other statistics.
      In addition, we use Google Analytics to collect, monitor and analyze this data. (Google Analytics also uses cookies. Read more about Google's privacy policy.)
    • Used for: Mainly for looking at trends of numbers of visitors and which pages are popular. The data is also useful for debugging if users report problems with the site.
  • Visitors for advertising
    • What: This site uses a Facebook pixel and Google Analytics, which both keep a record of visitors to Gwulo. (Facebook and Google also use cookies. Read more about their privacy policies: FacebookGoogle.)
    • Used for: To show occasional adverts on Facebook and the Google Display Network, promoting Gwulo's newsletter and books to people that have visited this site.

Registered users

  • Account information
    • What: When you create an account on Gwulo you enter information such as your username, password, email address, etc. These are stored in Gwulo's database.
    • Used for: To enable you to login and use this site's features.
  • User-created content
    • What: Text that you submit as comments or new pages, and also images that you upload.
    • Used for: People sharing information about old Hong Kong is the reason Gwulo exists!

Newsletter subscribers

  • Newsletter subscription
    • What: We use Mailchimp to manage users' subscriptions to our newsletters. 
    • Used for: So you can receive Gwulo's newsletters. (Read Mailchimp's privacy policy.)

Bookshop customers

  • Books ordered from Gwulo
    • What: We record your mailing address.
    • Used for: So we can mail your books to you.
  • Books ordered from Amazon
    • What: We use Amazon Associates links to the books on Amazon.
    • Used for: It doesn't affect the price you pay, but if you order then Amazon pays Gwulo a small commission.
  • Payment details
    • What: Online payments are handled via Paypal.
    • Used for: To enable customers to order Gwulo's books online. (Read Paypal's privacy policy.)

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