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1950s Fred Evans' photos

1950s Fred Evans' photos


The "Official 1RTR Reunion Web Site" has several pages of photos, including some taken in Hong Kong in the 1950s. It also has a forum where you can contact old friends.

The photos:

  • A aquadron: Page 2, photos #54 - 73 are of Hong Kong in the late 1950s. Note several photos of tanks / armoured cars crashed into buildings...
  • B squadron (the squadron Fred served in): Page 1, photos #155 - 157 are of the "Farewell Parade to Comets Sek Kong 1959". Page 2, photos #22 - 25 are from around the same time.
  • C squadron: Page 1, photo #42.
  • Other pages: Search for "kong" here, and see photo #189 here.

to his time in Hong Kong. Click to play.

He talks about day-to-day work and maintenance of the tanks. (I didn't take copies of these photos)

Click to play.

In last month's visit to the UK I visited Fred. He'd found some slides of one of his colour films, which I was able to borrow and scan. Click the 'original' link on the following photos to see a larger copy.

There are three photos we haven't seen before:

and sharper copies of photos of several we'd previously seen:

Well done to Fred Evans for keeping these in good condition for all that time. If only my mother-in-law had been able to do the same :-(

She was living in Tai Po during the 60's (in Lai Chi Saan). Moved to the UK in 1973 after the govt put a compulsory purchase order in on the buildings in the area and had to leave all of her HK and Shenzhen photographs behind because there wasn't enough room for them in her luggage (well, she did have 4 children in tow, including my wife who was 9 months old at the time). My father-in-law's 1950's Borneo railroad pictures were, thankfully, saved.

 It really is great seeing this stuff, and the colour photographs are still very clear.



I joined the Regt in July 1959 but remained in HK after it left in '60. I was posted to Camp Kowloon in Chatham RD.and served out my remaining 2yrs. there. Took a local release and spent the next 30+ years in HK.I have a couple of photos, mostly of people whose names I now cannot remember, drinking beer in the Sweet Garden. I found Fred Evens' photos by accident and was bowled over by the memories. Should there be anybody out there that remembers Trp. Peter Binstead 23600750 hallo and I hope the years have treated you kindly.


Hi Peter, thanks for writing in, and it's good to hear you enjoyed seeing Fred's photos.

A question for you: Fred remembered there were three areas of land where they could take the tanks for exercises, but he couldn't remember where they were. Any chance you know where they were?

Also, if you recognise any of the loactions in the photos, feel free to add a comment to the relevant photo.

Finally, did you knotice the link above to the "Official 1RTR Reunion Web Site"? It has several pages of photos, and a forum for people trying to contact old friends, so may be worth a visit.

Regards, MrB

Hi-I can remember two of the areas which were Lo Wu and Laffens Plain.

 I think Lo Wu contained two areas and Laffens plain the other.

 I think it was Laffens Plain which was on the left hand side of the military road that didn't cut the Golf course.( Route 2? ) Out the Tank Park, turn right for Sek Kong and keep going ,SK on your right as you went up the hill-Bloody cold at night in the winter!



Upon reflection re the above Tank training grounds I think the area above Sek Kong may have been Queen's Garden and Laffens Plain was near Lo Wu. First time I have really thought about this for nearly 50 years.


Peter, thanks for your help with this. Here's a map of the places you mentioned, with descriptions below. (You can use the + / - buttons to zoom in and out, and arrows to scroll left / right / up / down):

  • A - The runway at Sek Kong, which is still in use. (Were your barracks & tank park north or south of the runway?)
  • B - Lo Wu railway station
  • C - Laffan's Plain
  • D - Golf course
  • E - Route Twisk
  • F - Sek Kong village
  • G - Fanling town
  • H - Queen's Hill, next to Queen's Hill Camp (I couldn't find any 'Queen's Garden', but there is this Queen's Hill on the map, with a 'Princess Hill' a little further North-East).

Laffan's Plain comes from the former British Army parade ground in Aldershot, England and is named after Lt. Gen Sir Robert Laffan of the Royal Engineers. I think, today the area is known as Ta Kwu Ling.

I don't suppose you are the Peter Binstead who married Jane Barnes?

   Just found your question and the answer is yes.Who wants to know? My contact email is pbinstead@xtra.co.nz

My hobby is hiking in Hong Kong area. This photo is in SHEK KONG BARRACK (LUI KUNG TIN, Route Twisk). Why? I find a mountain in Kam Tin (YUEN SHAN) in the top of Right hand side. This place can be see the SHEK KONG(KAM TIN) AIRPORT and YUEN SHAN.Then, I find that a Shropshire Road (barrack road) in the bottom of the photo. 

Therefore, the true location of this photo is in Shek Kong Barrack, Lui Kung Tin, Route Twisk.

Thank you for your attention.

Best Wishes and Merry Christmas