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Plaque in memory of my grandmother

Plaque in memory of my grandmother

The pictures here show the then Anglican archbishop of Hong Kong unveiling a plaque to my grandmother Annie Louisa Olson on land donated to St Christopher's Home for boys by my family in 1966.

It now seems that the Anglican authorities do not have any knowledge of the plaque or its whereabouts as they say the land was swapped with other land to allow for road building in the area. However, another story is that the land where the plaque is shown became part of a private gated community.

Has anybody any idea of where the memorial might be or what may have happened to it. It is strange to think that it should have disappeared as my great grandfather's grave still stands in Happy Valley!

I understand that the home has now moved.

All clues welcome. Thanks.


Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, January 1, 1966


The land of St Christopher Boys' Home is now a private residential property developed by Li Ka Shing's Cheung Kong Property

Filed this last June and you will see that I mention Anglican Church knew nothing of the plaque. If I can find the full picture of the trees and background will file again.