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Hong Kong Harbour, A Junk

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Hong Kong Harbour, A Junk
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, May 1, 1954


Hi Pauline, Thanks for the latest batch of photos. Were they all together in the album? It looks like a rather round-about route for one journey, so maybe it covers a couple of different outings.

Regards, David

Looks like the above photo is of the former HYF vehicular ferry pier in Central. Car ferries used to ply between Central and Jordan Road.


  Hi David.  The photos of the harbour are all together on one page in the album but they were all taken on different dates in 1954.  Actual dates were included with photos although they appear here under the heading 1954. All the photos in the album are arranged by location rather than by date.

Regards, Pauline.