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Which reservoir

Has anybody got an idea which reservoir this is?

The picture was taken in the early to mid 20s by my great aunt Ethel Olson and on the back she has written: "The reservoir taken at dusk. Getting quite an expert with the camera".

At that the time the picture was taken she was probably living at Broadwood Road.


Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, January 1, 1922


Looking at the trees and surroundings, your photo may not have been taken in Hong Kong. If I were to guess, MacRitchie Reservoir or Lower Peirce Reservoir in Singapore!

Thanks moddsey.

As my family had business in Singapore and also one of my great aunt's married there you may well be right.

Strangely the picture is in a bundle relating to life in HK and my great aunt Ethel annotates the back as "the reservoir" which struck me as meaning the local (ie HK) one which they were used to going to.




Moddsey you are surely right.

Makes some sense as the family had business in Singapore as well as HK though have never been able to find out what. They travelled a lot as you will see from the amazing coincidence  of the postcard David discovered which is dated 1907. Charles W. was the husband of Ethel who took the picture.

Why it's in a bundle of HK pics I don't know. Confused me no end.

So thanks for all your help.