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Yuen Tsuen Ancient Trail 元荃古道

Yuen Tsuen Ancient Trail 元荃古道

I found the Trail at Tsuen King Wai, Tsuen Wan opposit & near Adventist Hospital. According to the information in Chinese web site, It takes about 5 hours to finish hiking. The trail had good view of Tsuen Wan and even Tsing Ma Bridge.

I did not try. According to the information, the trail via Ha Fa Shan (下花山), Shek Kuk Kung (石龍拱), Tin Fu Tsai (田夫仔) camp site, intersection of MacLehose Trail Section 10, then muddy road with full of trees towards Tai Tong (大棠) at Yuen Long which is a part of country park. At Tai Tong, there are public light bus & MTR Bus to Yuen Long Town Centre.

You can leave at Shum Tseng for roasted goose if you're tired for the whole journey.

Try it if you love hiking. I don't know if this trail really exist even before British rule.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, October 4, 2011


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The actual starting point of the ancient trail is somewhere on the slope on Ha Fa Shan (下花山)  That is somewhere before reaching Shek Lung Kung (石龍拱).  Suggest you add the tag 'hiking' as well.

The coordinates of the starting point is approximately 22.377906N & 114.093806E, slightly over half the distance from Alway Gardens to Shek Lung Kung.  Slightly less than 1,000 steps as starters, then snaking you way up the slopes.  It's basically downhill from Shek Lung Kung though.  The other end of the trial is right next to one of the public BBQ areas in Tai Tong.

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Lolau, thanks for posting. There's some more information about the old pre-British pathways on this thread.

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This is an old trail and actually doesnt really go near to the bbq site that road was added much later...the entrance to the trail was more traditionally at nam hang pai which can be reached if you follow the nature trail .....much more interesting and no vehicles than following the tai tong road.