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Star Ferry Fleet List

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Star Ferry Fleet List

This list was published in 1998. Some of the ferries appear to have had long lives lasting from prewar to postwar and renamed a number of times

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Monday, June 15, 1998


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Ah, this seem to clear up the attempt to identify the Solar Star.

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Thanks for posting this, it's a useful list to have. Please can you let us know which document it was published in?

Regards, David

The listing came from an A4 size hardback book titled "Star Ferry-The Story of a Hong Kong Icon" by David Johnson, published by the Star Ferry Company in 1998. ISBN 962 85234-2-2. Mainly text and many modern images. The relatively few vintage images appear to be from the usual well-known postcard images and similar. Possibly still available from the Star Ferry concourse specialist transport shops, I don't recall seeing it in the regular bookshops.

In addition to the previously mentioned book "Star Ferry-The Story of a Hong Kong Icon" there is also a paperback publication titled "Star Struck" published by the Hong Kong Maritime Museum covering a history of the ferries. Will no doubt be available from the museum's shop when the museum opens at its new location at the Central piers.