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Street Scene

Street Scene
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, January 1, 1963


If you can read the Chinese characters, you will the the photo is finished in a reverse side.

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After flipping the photo horizontally one of the shop signs read 九龍 三利隆粉麵廠 (Sam Lei Lung Noodles Manufactory)  This shop still exist today, I believe, and its current address is #2N Nelson Street in Mongkok.  These traditional shops tends to stay in the same district after redevelopment.  So I believe the photo was taken generally in Yaumati/Mongkok/Taikoktsui area.  Need to study the photo for further clues for a more likely location.

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Would the tall buidling under construction be the HSBC branch at the corner of Argyle St and Nathan Road?

Cant' be HSBC Mong Kok Building as to be able to see the short side of the building from the front and long side of the bldg on the side you would have to be either on Nathan Road or parallel to it...  I was checking the Nelson Street location of the noodle shop using Google Map street view.  The noodle shop could actually be in the same location as before, meaning this view is looking east down Nelson Street, at the junction with Canton Road.  The building under construction is the Bank of East Asia building at Nathan Road.  Nelson Street used to be a through street until Langham Place extinguished it.  Just a guess.

I've flipped it horizontally.

This is Shanghai Street viewing from Austin Road. The building under construction is Vincent House in Jordan Road, still exists today.