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Roxy Movie Sign

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Roxy Movie Sign

Roxy Theater Causeway Bay.

Close up of the movie sign, taken from 2 separate photos.

I can see that it says "Cinemascope", but I can't work out the name of the movie.
Probably after 1957, when Victoria Park opened, maybe early sixties.

I found a list of all the movies made in Cinemascope, if you think you can make out the name of the movie. 

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, January 1, 1960


Hi there,

The sign on the right hand side looked like someone holding a guitar with his left hand pointing somewhere.  Sound like some Elvis ‘The Pelvis' Presley Movie to me as this is one of his signature postures.  

The Chinese title looked like having the phrase 英雄 to me.  OK, looked up 'Elvis Presley films +hero' in Google and got this.    Teeners' Hero.

I might have a match.  So if some movie expert could assist to find out when was this movie shown the photos could be dated to the month and year.

Best Regards,


手足英雄? I was only looking at movies Elvis made around that time and this seemed to fit the bill.

Don't know if I am utterly wrong here, but the patterns above the word Cinemascope on the left look to me like "日出" (sunrise) in Chinese written from right to left.  Not sure what that may lead to though.

My 2 cents.


The poster on the left is too blurred and I can't tell if the two (left & right) are for one movie or two movies or what...  But it's certainly for "日" something

A colour photo postcard of the Causeway Bay roundabout appears here

Although rather blurred, the billboard on the right looks similar to the one originally posted. The film "The Sun Also Rises" was screened at the Roxy from 31 October till 14 November 1957.