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Snipers 3.

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Snipers 3.

A photo to show you you crew and weapons. The Remington Sniper/target .223 cal. Special as specified by RHKP. Marksman unit. left to right.  Au Ting  Sidney Chow  Yam Man Yau.  Each one could be his own unit working on his own, or together in tandem or with any number of us to deal with any situation that came up without having to wait until the situation escalated beyong control. Such was the training dedication and trust Bill Duncanson put into us all. After all his SAS logistics training was based on Who dares wins and Adopt Adapt Improve.


The same time we were building our own wheelbarrow device and picking the brains of the army bomb disposal team demonstrating the bomb disposal wheelbarrow they had invented, the RHKPolice thought it also constructive to get one of the army sniper weapons experts to give his 'expert' on the types of weapons he thought we needed to deal with any HK based scenario. An Army Major came to visit and was wined and dined. He hung the visit out for 2 weeks and had a ball of a time. At the end of which he gave his expert advice on all sorts of hardwear, from guns, sights, ammo, and lots of other stuff. The force bought some stuff, not all, just samples, to try as we had a first look and had our doubts. When we tried to put this rifle or gun with this sight or equipment, nothing would fit or was unsuitable for the HK scene. It was found that the officer was one of the 'If its useless, promote it and move it on' which was what we had got lumbered with. Anyway we sent all the stuff back, got on with the job ourselves and within 10 days had the HK suitable kit we wanted and which was used to great effect over the years. Again, if its local situations...ask the locals they do a better job. We found the Remingtons above were ideal for a medium/long range surgical removal of a malignancy. The 50 round x 100 yard shirt button grouping qualification was still required otherwise further training and exercise was the order until you did. Ammo was a Swedish Hi Vel target round special for the .223.