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Group of Unknown People After WW2 Hong Kong

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Group of Unknown People After WW2 Hong Kong

This photo is from the Bagam family archive I am currently reviewing.  Taken in Hong Kong by Kings Studio. Is that "1947" on the board behind? Theo Bagram died 24 April 1947, I wonder if this might be a New Year party for that year.  All people unknown, if anyone recognises a face please let me know.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, January 1, 1947


Norma writes:

I hope to answer your question about the group of unknown people 1947.  I immediately recognised the young woman as Coralie Wolfe, and three others of our group agree with me.  I recall her father  being connected to The Dairy Farm, so perhaps in the photo she is with her parents.  When she left school Coralie worked at the newly opened Rediffusion, and in my final year at KGV I too took a part time broadcasting  job and met Coralie again.  I think she left Hong Kong soon after for I did not see her again.

kind regards

Norma (Stevens) Thompson

Thank you Norma for identifying Coralie Wolfe. I will investigate a little further and see if I can find a connection to Dairy Farm. Many thanks.

There's a photo of her being evacuated from Hong Kong in 1940 aged 8 - looks very similar for sure. I guess that would make her around 15 or 16 in the photo above.

a photo from may 19 1951 in the China Mail shows the Wolfe parents, Mr & Mrs J. Wolfe. They appear to be the man in the black tie and the woman on the right

Dear Norma, 

Please contact me if you can. Coralie is my grandmother and she is still living today back in the USA. I live in Hong Kong now and it would be great to get in touch.