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Wan Chai street scene b.

Wan Chai street scene b.

Can anyone identify the street from the names on the shop houses?

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, January 1, 1957


The first shop on the right may be the clue. There is vertical sign on the second floor and a sign on the left column on the ground floor. Both say 劉治修內科  (Liu_zhi_xiu internal medicine). According to 1957 年香港年鑑, the address is 21 Jardine Bazaar Causeway Bay.

liu_zhi_xiu_.png, by simtang

Hi There,

I remember there was one remaining shop house in Jardine's Bazaar in the late 1960's, but the house blocked one lane (just opposite the wet market block).  I refrequented the noddle shop there for morning Cheung Fan (腸粉) there.  On the other hand, Jardine's Bazaar was (and still is) for one direction traffic (east to west) only.  Which means there is no double white lines in the middle.  Thus the photo is unlikely to be Jardine's Bazaar.


Ivan's photo sequence suggests his photos were taken in Wanchai near the Sailors' and Soldiers' Home. When viewing the photo, my initial thought was that it was taken on Queen's Road East. I had made a comment about the double white lines in a different photo here Hope this helps.