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Gas Precautions Training in pre-war Hong Kong

Gas Precautions Training in pre-war Hong Kong

Photo courtesy of Mary Tiffen, Ph.D. daughter of AHS Steele-Perkins.

The back of the photo is stamped "(c) Hyland Lyon 1940".

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Monday, January 1, 1940


Given the wide road on the right, the view may be the junction of Canton and Jordan Roads.

The warden is holding a gas rattle, used to make a noise to alert people of a gas attack.

gas rattle, ARP

gas rattle, ARP © IWM (EPH 9543)

Dear Philip,

I am writing from the Hong Kong Museum of History and would like to seek your kind assistance in providing me with the high resolution files of the gas precaution training in Hong Kong as you have uploaded.  If there is someone else holding the images, can you please connect me with the right party so that I can approach them direct for the high-rsolution files and the usage rights. I can be reached anytime at my office email of

I sincerely look forward to your reply. Many thanks.



Greetings.  I also think this was at the junction with Jordan Road.  The road alignment here was most likely the same as that shown on the 1956 map - .  This would put Canton Road northbound meeting Jordon Road between Wai Ching Street and Canton Road.  Behind the wall at this corner would then be the former Admiralty Property.  I can't remember how Wai Ching Street looked like in 1950 when I walked there for my Primary 1 class (another one of my many schools).  However the awnings on that corner shop suggests that it was facing south to keep the sun out.  Regards,  Peter  

Update April 3, 2019 - The memory has come back, now 99% sure.  The corner in the background is the start of Wai Ching Street.  I walked by that shop's corner on my way to Wah Nam Primary School about 8 shops beyond that.  I remember the awnings.  It appears the street was blocked but in fact only one half was blocked by vendors selling vegetables and clothings.  This is the only photo I have seen having a connection to my first school, thank you.   Regards,  Peter