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1963 HK 29 Rusty tramp.jpg

1963 HK 29 Rusty tramp.jpg
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, January 1, 1963


ELBOW RIVER – a general cargo tramp motor ship owned by River Line Ltd (Mollers Ltd) London from1955 to 1966.

Although registered in London most of Mollers post war ships operated from Hong Kong.


Built 1936 by Wm Doxford & Sons Ltd Sunderland as MOORBY for Ropner Shipping Co.Ltd. Cardiff.

Sold 1949 to Power S.S. Co. Ltd. (McCowen & Gross Ltd. managers) as HUNTSFIELD.

Sold 02/1955 to River Line Ltd. as ELBOW RIVER. Laid up 04/1966 and scrapped Hong Kong 30/06/1966 by Leung Yau S.B. Co. Ltd.


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The ropes hanging down the side of the ship show there is a side party at work, giving the ship a fresh coat of paint.

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