Postcard Hong Kong: Pottinger Street, ca. 1947 | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Postcard Hong Kong: Pottinger Street, ca. 1947

Postcard Hong Kong: Pottinger Street, ca. 1947

Charles Gesner van der Voort had started his career in Rotterdam, at Holland-China Trading Company (HCHC). In 1938, he went to Shanghai for the firm. The Japanese interned him, and most other Dutch nationals, from 1943-45. In camp, he met his wife Nancy and they married after the war. After a leave in The Netherlands, they returned to the Orient, where Charles continued to work for HCHC in Hong Kong.

This postcard was found in the company archives, held by Stadsarchief Rotterdam. It shows Pottinger street in Hong Kong  and has a serial number, 189.

HCHC had its offices in Alexandra Building.

1256   N.V. Internationale Crediet- en Handelsvereniging Rotterdam/C.V. en N.V. Wm H. Muller & Co. (Internatio-Muller N.V.) 1479 Foto's Holland China Trading Co in Sjanghai en Hong Kong.

courtesy Stadsarchief Rotterdam, <a href=""">" rel="noreferrer nofollow"></a>

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, January 1, 1950


I have the same postcard and dated mine to the late 1940s. Behind the top most sedan chair is the entrance to the Pottinger Street air raid shelter. Mentioned here 

Many thanks moddsey!

I've got a copy too (, but I've gone for the 1930s as the date:

I'm dating it to the 1930s, based on the old-style lamp post at the top of the road. It's certainly pre-war, as by the time Hedda Morrison took this photo in 1946, a new lampost was in place ...