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CEW ad HKT Christmas 1901.png

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CEW ad HKT Christmas 1901.png

This is an early ad for C.E. Warren when he (my grandfather) was still a one-man band and had not formed a company. Can anyone tell me what the building opposite the Club Germania was in 1901? Any number? Is there a 1901 map of that area? I've seen a reference to it, but can't find it.



Here's the location of the Club Germania in 1901: https://gwulo.com/node/6118#17/22.28089/114.15646/Map_by_ESRI-Markers/100

The offices of the China Mail were across on the opposite side of Wyndham Street, but I'm not sure if they were there in 1901: https://gwulo.com/node/6074 (There may have been other buildings lower down Wyndham Street that were also opposite to Club Germania.)

Thanks for picking up on my query about the building opposite the Club Germania, David, which I don't think I presented very clearly! Herostratus has uploaded some very helpful pictures and I've also found a link uploaded by annelise that might provide the answer, as the Phoenix Club moved across to the Club Germania premises in 1902 when the Club Germania itself moved.  eBook - read the original - Twentieth Century Impressions of Hongkong, Shanghai, and other Treaty Ports of China - published 1908  p. 173

The Phoenix Club was originally located in the old Hong Kong club building (place here) If you read the history by Colonial on that page he mentions the Phoenix club at the last. Furthermore, on 9th January 1900, a renumbering of streets occurred and the Bowling club got the number 1A Wyndham Street. The godown below got the number 1A D'Aguilar street. On the 1901 Map there is a long narrow building that runs the entire block between Wyndham and D'Aguilar streets behind the HK club. This is very likely the bowling alley with the warehouse underneath.  If you look at the below photo the roof of the building can be seen on the right hand side. Your grandfathers showroom was likely one of the two shop fronts on the ground floor or perhaps an office in the building above. It is also possible he rented the godown below the bowling club as all of these locations are opposite the Germania club building.

Diss Brothers, Wyndham Street
Diss Brothers, Wyndham Street , by Herostratus

I’m once again indebted to your research and knowledge, Herostratus. I think it’s wholly credible that my grandfather’s small showroom was on the ground floor of one of the two shop fronts that you mention. He would have wanted it to be at street level, I’m sure. He was very lucky to get such a good location at the top of Wyndham Street. His Swedish father-in-law, John Olson, probably frequented the Club Germania as he seems to have gravitated towards the German community from his earliest days in the colony. Perhaps he or one of his acquaintances suggested the little shop across the road as a good jumping off point for the business. It was.