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American museum buys Hong Kong art treasure

American museum buys Hong Kong art treasure
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, April 25, 1937


It'll be good to see a photo of the roof when it was on Hankow Road - though apparently it was only in place for a couple of years, so we'll need a bit of luck to get a photo taken at the right moment. A Google search gives the address of Jade Tree as 12, Hankow Road, which was just north of Star Theatre.

Could the temple roof be the one depicted at Nelson Atkins Museum in a shot from their Facebook page? Lawrence Sickman who traveled to China frequently from the early 1930s through the beginning of WWII was their curator and China art expert.

Cannot seem to post any photos directly

Thanks for all your work on this HongKong historical website.

Unfortunately it doesn't look to be a match. The wooden ceiling in the Nelson Atkins Museum came from the Zhihua Temple in Beijing, and the photo on their Facebook page is a view of that temple. Here's another view for comparison:!1s0x35f1ad263a2b36f7%3A0x5875b77b72f6...