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People on a tennis court, 23 January 1927

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People on a tennis court, 23 January 1927

Picture taken somewhere in Hong Kong on 23 January 1927 on a tennis court. From right to left: The man standing on the far right is one Mr. Knottnerus (Dutch). The sitting man to his left is one Huang Chod (difficult to read), a brother of the comprador, the (sitting) a Mr. Heintzen, sitting in front of him (in dark suit) Pieter Marks, then the man standing as Mr. Meike or Merke (?), next, the lady with hat, Mrs. M.G. Marks-Groot, then (standing) a Mr. Huizer, the sitting man is the comprador, and finally bon the far left a Mr. De Kant.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, January 23, 1927


According to the 1927 Juror List, a Mr. Mecke and a Mr. De Kent worked for the Nederlandsch-Indische Handelsbank.However, there is no Huizer. I suspect it is Huysser as the name appears in the 1926 list. Huysser is listed as a merchant, G. E. Huygen. In 1926, Mecke and Huysser resided at 6 and 8 Mody Road respectively whilst Heintzen and Knottnerus resided at 10 Mody Road.