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Nathan Road 1960s.jpg

Nathan Road 1960s.jpg

Does anyone know exactly where on Nathan Road this is? I am wondering if it might be near Soy and Dundas Streets, as it was my mother's, and the factory her father managed (Orient Cigars) where she lived as a child was in that area.

(The image is printed on strange slightly crinkly paper, hence the odd surface effect)

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, January 1, 1960


Nathan Hotel on the right, Alhambra Building on the left. It's between Jordan and Gascoigne Road.

Nathan Road, facing north. Similar but earlier view here. With this photo above the photographer is further up north along the road compared with the hyperlinked photo. The same turquoise vertical 'L' shaped street sign to the centre left is in both photos. Based on the ID location of the hyperlinked photo, the photographer is standing north of Jordan Road. Nanking street should be on the right behind the circular red/white sign (present on both photos)

Many thanks!