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1952-1960 British cemeteries and army garrisons

My wife Mrs Mary Thorpe , born Sutherland, was brought to H Kong by her parents, Lawrence and Philomena in 1952-3 until 1955-6. Lawrence Sutherland was in the Royal Engineers. There were Patrick and 2 others that died at birth or in infancy here in Hong Kong. We are currently in Kowloon until early 6th December. We are also interested in finding the area that was the former barracks where a Warrant Officer (Staff Sergeant) would have lived with his family. Many thanks Derek

Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter

Original title: Thousands of sampans and fishing boats anchored in the Aberdeen Typhoon Shelter. The power station is on the right and the Chinese Permanent Cemetery is on the left 1976

Note the cooling water outlet of the power station.

Date picture taken (to nearest decade for older photos): 

Aberdeen Chinese Cemetery

Date picture taken (to nearest decade for older photos): 


Cheung Chau Boundary Stone #5 [????- ]


C.C.I.L. No 1 marker Stone 4 [????- ]



Old Graves in Ping Shan New Territories


I'm looking for photos or other material taken in the Ping Shan of the New Territories before 1980. My family had an ancestral memorial (graves) there, within walking distance of Old Ping Shan police station. It was exhumed owing to the development of Hong Kong in the late 80's or so.

The location of the original site has been lost. I would like to collect more images and information of the surrounding area at the time, for the benefit of future generations.


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