Christmas dinner-Sek Kong 25 Dec.1957 | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

Christmas dinner-Sek Kong 25 Dec.1957

Christmas dinner-Sek Kong 25 Dec.1957
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, December 25, 1957


I have a  photo of this occasion, taken from a different angle, l am sitting in front of the white fridge./ water container.

Thanks Bryan, good to know when & where.

Any idea if these photos were taken by the army and handed out afterwards, or just taken as personal photos?

I'm 1st chap on left, with a bone between my fingers! I dont think I knew anyone by the fridge.

The whole regiment, I think, was there. The fellas all along the left side of the table were B squadron (part of).

I believe this photo and 2 being uploaded shortly be me would have been taken by the regiment ,as we squadies were too busy drinking the free San Miguel beer. Do remember there 3/4 keen photographers in B Squadron, think I collected these from B Squadron Office. Surprised and pleased to see Fred Evans has just commented on this link.

Hi Fred—I was posted to B Squadron 1st R T R. on 1 Aug. 1957,from command workshop in Kowloon and billeted in hut 41,the closest hut to B Squadron office?This was the r.em.e billet, I was the wireless operator and second driver in the Churchill A.R.V.(very often broken down). Have been looking at your photos,especially the tank range ones as I have a number of photos very similar which will upload soon.Do not remember your name a do not expect you remember mine-but do remember there were 2 Taffys in B. Squadron (and none in the r.e.m.e squad) as my mother was Welsh.. Were you in 7 troop? and remember your Comet tank reg number,will then search thro my 2 albums for any photos. Bryan Panter.

Christmas dinner 25 Dec.1957 Sek Kong.
Christmas dinner 25 Dec.1957 Sek Kong., by Bryan Panter

Bryan's info about B sqn. jogs a couple of memories.

I knew REME hut, by sqn office. our hut in the middle, 8 troop.

I  was w/opp. on "Sir Percy....." command tk. Numbers I remember ( last two) were  71,  73, 35, + another. By 1959 I commanded 35 Sfax. In between I had to do 6 months on provost staff.

I do remember the old Churchill tk. you reme boys looked after, i think you used it for recovery?

I think I was the only taff in the sqn? (tho I'm not a welsh speaker...Pembrokeshire !)  That was the days in the old comets. I remember doing 40 mph cross country!  and train transporting to kowloon for the AOC s parade.


Have now uploaded 12 photos from my album of Tanks,1 photo is the same as in your collection, its the tank nose down in the ditch, the caption written by me at the time says,-8 troop B Squadron, so most likely the tank you were in at that time? Hope you are able to view Fred. I was the wireless operator at this time, if you were we would have been on the same frequency on the- 19 Wireless set? I have not looked at these albums for years, but as,its 60yrs ago next month since when I left Hong Kong at the end of my national service and the weather is lousy so its time to reminisce. Now remember the Comets as well as having registration numbers had the names of different world war 2 north African tank battles painted on the sides,-Torbrook-- Mersa Martuh etc. We named the Churchill- Jane- after Jayne Mansfield [big and hot!]