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1950s Fred Evans' photos

1950s Fred Evans' photos
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Thursday, January 1, 2009


If these photographs were all taken in the same area and in Hong Kong, then they were probably taken in the tank ranges at Hung Lung Hang - which is part of what the British Army referred to as Laffans plain - in Ta Ku Ling in the northern New Territories. The background of hills in a couple of the photographs can be matched with what can be seen there today.

Hung Lung Hang area is a thousand or so acres of land located to the northeast of Sheung Shui/Fanling, and to the south-east of  San Uk Ling, rather north-west of Sheung and Ha Shan Kai Wat villages, and to the west of the Ping Che Road (which the British Army referred to as Watling Street) near Lo Shue Ling, which is otherwise known as Chow Tin Village.

Hung Lung Hang or 恐龍坑 is the name given by the local inhabitants referring to the then dangerous situation in the area; large armoured machines, growling engines, clanking tracks, cannon fire, explosions, squealing metal, and lots and lots of mud:  Hung Lung Hang means dinosaur pit, or monster hole. When the Army removed tanks from Hong Kong and ceased using Hung Lung Hang the area was then used for motorcycle (and sometimes four wheel vehicle) competitive events, both organised and unorganised, until at least the mid seventies. With a bit of rain it was very muddy indeed, like a massive mud pit.

Thanks for the information about the tank ranges - I haven't heard the name "Hung Lung Hang" before!

I've added the Place "Laffan's Plain" to this photo. Are there any of the other photos of the tank ranges that you can identify as Laffan's Plain too?

I'm not sure if all the photos were taken there or not. Fred remembered three tank ranges. Lo Wu is suggested as a second range (see this thread), but we're still not sure where the third was.

Regards, David