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Nathan Road showing Gingles Restaurant

Nathan Road showing Gingles Restaurant

Photo courtesy of reader IDJ:

Attached is an image of Nathan Road in 1949 showing the location of Gingles on the right.

Behind the trees on the left is what is now the entrance to Kowloon Park and the MTR station. The high rise with the clock was the HK Telephone building.

If you look at the pillars next to the second car from the right, you can see they have the word 'Gingles' written on them.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, January 1, 1949


    Well I was hoping someone would have a photograph of Gingle's Restuarant and here we are. Stange that I always thought it was on a corner. The Telephone Building must have been a serious contender for tallest building on the Kowloon peninsula at that time?!

The Gingle's sign can be seen on the right near the junction with Humphrey's Avenue.

1950s Nathan Road