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Chater Hall Landslide

Chater Hall Landslide
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, July 1, 1966


The heavy rains in the summer of 1966. This picture does bring back memories in the same way as the photo that is normally seen of the same period of cars being piled up at the base of a steep slope in North Point because of the heavy rains. Interesting times!

did you know that there are still some small pieces of stone wall, steps and and out-house that all used to be part of the Marble Hall footprint on the site of the flats?  I've got photos I took on one of my visits to HK, I will locate and upload them.


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That was probably why a section of today's Hornsey Road is a bridge built over the now reincorced slope.

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Chater Hall Landslide 1966
And here's one I took earlier.

Looking back at some old slides; there was a landslide across Old Peak Road and Tregunter Path,

the Gully next to Old Peak Road,   

all at the same time.

So has lizchater's photos been uploaded after all?

As for the out-house, was she referring to the guard's house, what about the steps, were they of the same building?