Aberdeen | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong



 I think this was taken from the Peak when I was experimenting with my new 400mm lens.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, July 1, 1972


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If it was 1971 I think the Jumbo wasn't there yet.  In the photo the floating restaurants were still in their original position.  The demolishment of the dockyard had already begun but other reclaimation is not there yet. 

In the photo there are two slighly bigger ones and those were Tai Pak and the Sea Palace.  I think there were two smaller ones too.

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Thanks Thomas, I've changed the place from Jumbo to Tai Pak.

The Jumbo was due to open in 1971 but was destroyed by fire (along with 34 people) on the 30th Oct of that year. It eventually opened in 1976.


  I have checked the actual photo and the date it was developed/printed was July 1972

Date corrected - thanks for checking.