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Bowen Road (Albany) Filter Beds

Bowen Road (Albany) Filter Beds
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Thursday, January 1, 1920


I created a "place" for Albany Filter beds.  So the question is, when should we use "tags", and when should we use "places" and when should we use both ?

Good question. If you're highlighting a specific location in Hong Kong (eg a building), use a place. To note that this photo includes a certain type of thing, use a tag.

eg, this photo currently has tags: , , and .

First, thanks to Marlowe for taking the time to think what were the important things to be seen in the photo, and jotting them down as tags. Would any have been better as places?

  • Bowen Road: A tag is the best way to note a road or street. At first you might think a place would be better. But places are meant for single points on a map, not a street's a long and possibly winding area. So tags for streets are good.
  • Filter Beds: If Marlowe is interested in the history of Hong Kong's waterworks, then a tag for 'Filter Beds' would make sense. It would suggest that over time there will be more photos of filter beds from around Hong Kong, and they'll all be given the tag 'Filter Beds' to group them together.
    If he's thinking of these specific filter beds, using the place for Albany filter beds would be better than using a tag.
  • Thorpe Manor: As this is a specific location, a place would be a the better choice.

Here are some more ideas about why, when and how to use tags.

Regards, David