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Hong Kong-Macao Line

Hong Kong-Macao Line

circa 1909, SS Sui An, SS Sui Tai

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, January 1, 1909


According to 'Beancaker to Boxboat' by Howard Dick & Stephen Kentwell, the SS Sui An and SS Sui Tai were twin screw steamers built in 1899 by S.C. Farnham Shanghai for Rickmers Linie Bremerhaven for the Shanghai/Hankow trade. In 1906 they were purchased by the Hong Kong,Canton & Macao Steamboat Company for the HK - Macao service. Both vessels were rebuilt following fire damage - the Sui An caught fire at Macao on 08/11/16 and the Sui  Tai was gutted by fire on 24/08/28 at H.K.

On 19/11/22 the Sui An whilst en route to Macao was seized by pirates and looted leaving two dead.

The Sui An was sold in 1936 to San Peh S.N. Co. Ltd. Shanghai as the Lung On and was removed from Lloyds Register in 1959/60.

The Sui Tai was sold in 1938  to the same Shanghai company retaining her name. She too was RLR in 1959/60.