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St. Stephen's Lane

St. Stephen's Lane
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, January 1, 1901


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The location is called Ning Yeung Terrace today.  Back in the early 1980's there was still a block of old houses there.  I faintly remember they looked like shophouses, but my memory of this particular location is shaky at best.  Those gave way to the current version of residential highrise of Ning Yeung Terrace.

The entrace of this location is towards the east, where Babington Road meets Park Road.

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the old Ning Yeung Terrace path entrance was from St. Stephen's lane, I lived at 35 Bonham road in the 60s and walked pass Ning Yeung Terrace all the time.   The place was originally called "寧陽台 "  the chinese character carving can still be seen on the granite pillars at end of St. Stephen's lane. 

I was told by my aunt that because of superstitious and ghost stories last century, people changed the middle chinese character from 陽  (the world of the living) to 養 (means resting and enjoy).   so  the original 寧陽台 (same pronounce but means "Terrace suitable for those who are living"  became 寧養台 (Terrace suitable for recuperate).