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Which bank is this?

Which bank is this?

Is this the front of the China Bank or the Bank of China,  I'm never quite sure what its name was,  and what was the difference between it and the Hong Kong Bank which is where Major John Devonshire said he worked in the 1950s.  I believe the CIA had agents in one of these so I am interested as there is probably a connection with that, and with what went on in the Battle Box. Are there any photos of the Hong Kong Bank in the 1950s?  Now that I have been able to look at it more closely I am even more confused as I can see what it says over the door!!  Help!



Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, January 1, 1954


The photo is of the Queen's Road Central entrance to the Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank (HSBC) taken from the top of Battery Path. In one of your previous photos showing the lion with your husband atop, that was also of the same Bank but showing the Des Voeux Road Central entrance.

The former Bank of China building still stands but is located to the east of the current HSBC building. In the 1950s photos as seen: http://gwulo.com/node/2371 , the Bank of China building is the taller one.

In the 1950s, the US Consulate-General had its offices in the HSBC building.

Looking south. HSBC Building in the centre.

Fred Evans' photos









Similar shot. Bank of China on the left.

1950s Fred Evans' photos








Looking approximately North. Bank of China on the right.

1950s Fred Evans' photos







Thank you moddsey,  that makes sense now as I remember my husband saying that he had a photo of himself with the lion which was outside the bank where John Devonshire worked in the 1950s.  All very intriguing as John told us he had been involved with the British Intelligence officer (known as 'Uncle'),  and my husband worked for "G" (Int),  what a tangled web it must have been in Hong Kong in those Cold War days!


As an aside, the address of the Hongkong Bank (now HSBC) building is 1 Queen's Road Central, so in theory the lions are guarding the back door and not the main entrance!

Queen's Road Central