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1961 Doug Brentlinger's photos

1961 Doug Brentlinger's photos


Is that Middle Island on the left, Brick Hill in the background?

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I don't think this is Deepwater Bay, the scale is all wrong. Middle island isn't that high and Brick Hill is more pointy (that's the technical term)

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Could that be one of those narrow sea passages in Sai Kung?

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I've been playing around with Google Streetview to confirm this. I found a good match on Google Streetview this morning, but didn't save it... This one isn't quite so good, but gives the general shape:

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So Doug was around the Island Road / Repulse bay Road junction to take this photo, which fits in with his other photos in this set taken along those roads.

Middle Island is on the left, the Yacht club's moorings in the middle, and the peninsula (today's Ocean Park) in the background, with Brick Hill on the right - it'd look more pointy if we could see a bit more of the frame to the right!!

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I think you're right David, I'm forgetting this was taken 50 years ago and the size of the channel (in the foreground) between Middle Island and HK  has shrunk considerably due to reclamation. This is thh closest comparison I have at home and it seems to be a pretty good match.

Brick Hill, Deepwater Bay


Taken from the shoreline below Island Road.

2009 Middle Island

Thanks gents - that sunset photo is a pretty one,

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Doug took two similar photos from close to the junction of Repulse Bay Road and Island Road, both looking to the west along the stretch of water that separates Middle Island (left) from Hong Kong Island, with Deep Water Bay in the distance backed by Brick Hill.

No buildings seen in 1961, although a low wall, or is it a small dock, at the end of the beach on Middle Island. This is the beach where the beach scene in "Love Is A Many Splendoured Thing" was filmed. In the 2012 photo(below) the structures silhouetted against the skyline on Brick Hill are in “OceanPark”, and, from left to right along the shore of Middle Island are the facilities of the Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club and the Aberdeen Boat Club.

Middle Island