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C E Warren & Co advert

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C E Warren & Co advert

Page 5, Hong Kong Telegraph, 21 May 1926

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Friday, May 21, 1926


This advert relates to the second phase of C.E. Warren & Co. as a limited company. This was after the death of my grandfather Charles Warren in 1923, when his eldest son, Leslie Beal Warren, took over the management of the company. I mentioned in a previous post that Patricia Lim's record of cemetery inscriptions shows 90 graves in the Protestant cemetery with the CEW & Co mark on them. Only 20 relate to the period 1923-38 of Leslie Warren's tenure. As Charles Warren was baptised into the Catholic church in 1900 and Leslie too, it is likely that there are more CEW & Co. graves in St Michael's Cemetery. The angel design illustrated in this advert is perhaps more appropriate to a Catholic grave than a Protestant one. I recall an article reporting that C.E. Warren & Co. was the first to succeed in carving Hong Kong granite, which is apparently very brittle.