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south Cheung chau

south Cheung chau
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Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Thanks Doc Martin

While living on the island for twenty years I never pay much attention to this rock group as they were rocks of various shape and size all over the hills on Cheung Chau.

A friend's family built a multi-floor house on the rocky cliff-head in this area and we admired that they had a private access to launch the sampan any time they wish to go on the water. However the area was very unsafe as I knew the dangerous conditions around the cliffy shore of this part of the Cove. We kids had been swimming in the wavy waters here in the past and finally decided not returning again for the reason of safety.

Before I bid farewell to the island in the early 1970s, I made a photo shot tour with my family along the Peak Road. I remembered that we made a stop at my friend's house doing some photo shots as it had a beautiful garden with flowering plants and fish pond along the stairs and steps besides the house.

I should look up those photos, if still exists. However I am quite glad to enjoy this one for many good reasons. It refreshed my memory.

One of the reason is that my sister Patricia liked to come to the top of this  cliff ( before any house was being built ) in the very early morning, almost just before sunrise, to have final study prior to school examination time. She wanted me to come along for accomplishment which I surely enjoyed because of the morning beauty. That was about 1955-56.

Thanks for the picture.