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Houses on May Road

Houses on May Road

Houses on May Road, from the window ledge of the Drawing Room at Tregunter.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, January 1, 1930


I found the same image on Flickr ,posted by alexaspicer under the title: View from grandparents house in May Road. She also posted the backside of this photo:

So I suggest to add Tregunter Mansions - 1914 - 5 Stories [1914-1954 ]

Hi marlowe,

I originally thought Tregunter Mansions would be one of the houses visible, but you're right, it's taken from the mansions.

Regards, Klaus

Isn't the dark-roofed 2-storey block at right No. 2 May Road now the site of May Towers? The block shown was occupied during the War by European neutrals including Willie Dubois of Senet Freres.  Post-war it was the Junior Mess for Jardines and was demolished in 1953 to be replaced by a 5-storey block of flats for Jardine managers with a floor and a half for the Mess.  THAT block was demolished in 1971 ro make way for the current May Tower 1.

The house you mention is known as "Mr Brewin's house", it is at the end of Brewin Path.
It was replaced by a 5 story building called Brewin Mansions (i believe), and then by May Towers, as you said.
I had a school friend that lived there, so I know Brewin Mansions, although i'm not sure I ever went to his apartment.

Hi Marlowe, I think Brewin House may have been at the bottom of Brewin Path,  off Magazine Gap Road.  maybe someone can confirm that. The building at the top of the path,  just above May Road , I'm pretty sure was 2 May Road until about 1964 then became 7 May Road for postal reasons. It only had a number,  no name.  My Dad lived in the building pictured from 1948 til 1952 and our family moved back into the building that replaced it in 1955 and were the last to leave in 1971. Interested to know who you knew there!

Sorry, I can't remember who it was, he would have been a classmate in the '60s, and maybe not for long.
Yes there is a Brewin Court next to Magazine Gap, but I have learned that by asking for the name of a building - you get nothing - but if you state a name as a fact - you get corrected in minutes :-)

You are so right!  and good heavens YES!

we should probably take the rest of the conversation off Gwulo :)