1862 View along Chancery Lane from east | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

1862 View along Chancery Lane from east

1862 View along Chancery Lane from east

This photo is included a document held at the UK National Archive, their reference CO 129/88. It was originally included with a letter from Mr Murrow of the Hongkong Daily Press, sending a complaint to the government back in London. The captions to the photo read:

No.3. Approaches to the "Daily Press" Office, Hongkong.

CHANCERY LANE. - From Arbuthnot Street, looking West. The wall to the right is the S.E. corner of Gaol. The grade of the Gaolyard is many feet below the summit of Chancery lane - say 50 a 60. The wall has been completed three or four times - the summit has always pushed it down during the first heavy rains. This scetch ((sic.)) gives an idea of the catastrophe.

The small building visible on the right of the photo is still standing today, and is called Bauhinia House:

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Thanks to Christopher Munn for letting me know about these photos. At over 150 years old, they must be some of the earliest photos of Hong Kong still in existence, and a great early view of the area around Victoria Prison.

Regards, David

CPS project photo ref: C016-P0019

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, November 1, 1862