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Police Training School. PTS. RHKP.

Police Training School. PTS. RHKP.

At dining in night the police band played throughout and were magnificent the tradition even included the pipers dram. We tried, on the local pipe major giving him a  bigger and bigger dram but he seemed to have a liking for the stuff and in the end non of us could afford the bill so we gave up. 



Hello Ray,


I am so curious about the year when this photo was taken, as the uniform that those bandsman wore were so different from what we know today.

As far as my knowledge goes, the belt that wore by the bandsman and conductor could not be seen in late 1960s, hence I guess this photo was taken in a even earlier time?

Much appreciated if I could learn more about the story behind this photo from you :-)

These photos and others were part of my photo collection that I was about to throw out pending a house move. I put them on the site so that they would not be lost as we all fade into the distance. I took all the photos and these, as are the others on the site, were taken when I was at PTS 1974. GG squad. Hope this helps. Yes, I am still here but, sadly, others are not. Health-Wealth and Happiness to all who view. Ray.....

Thanks Ray!

I am now trying to digging out and record the history of HK Police Band out of myth and tales, and your photo means so much in tracing the evolution of her uniform! :)


I know somebody who join the force in 1951 still living happy and even giving talk to public in last year, not to mention our Queen who still reigning her Kingdom

So please enjoy the gift from god, no one actually left as they are still living in somebody's memory, that could be passed from generation to generatiion





Dear Maktub 

I am a Hong Kong band history researcher. I would like to know if you can introduce the "senior bandsman" to me. The one who you mention is Mr Koo (古貢清)?

I am personally doing the Hong Kong police band archives. We may share our information. 

Best regards


Dear Ray 


The bandmaster in the photo is Mr Inspector Andrew Poon Man Hing, BME. He was born in Straits Settlement-Singapore. He came to Hong Kong when he was eight. He moved with his parent to Canton when the Second World War broke out and stayed there until 1949.


He joined the force in 1950 and was transferred to the band as a tubist. He has held every rank. including corporal, up to his present one to which he was promoted in 1967. 


Best regards