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Nathan Road Kowloon 1958

Nathan Road Kowloon 1958

Another view of Nathan Road, Kowloon taken in 1958 

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Wednesday, January 1, 1958


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Spottedthe business sign of 金華詩院 (Kam Wah Cinema) by the right, just behind 光明冰室。  Checked out an Old Cinema List at Wiki and found the said cinema was around Pitt Street and Canton Road.  But something doesn't add up because Canton Road wasn't/isn't that wide.  More information required on this.

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Owing to the three lane traffic both ways, it could only be Nathan Road, Lai Chi Kok Road, or Cheung Sha Wan Road.  The said cinema maybe 金聲戲院 at Soy Street, Mong Kong.  Better check with the cinema expert for this.

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There's a Dai Sing Bank up there on the left (present address 697 Nathan Road) so it may be the same one.


taken just north of the junction with waterloo road.

i have similar picture with the sheaffer sign.  building on the left hand side could have something to do with telephones?

Cinema Treasures

The Kam Wah Theatre opened on 21st December, 1954 and closed on 21 st September, 1970.

As the building of Kam Wah Theatre cannot be seen in the photograph, the sign of the theatre may be an advertisement.

It IS the same Dah Sing Bank buillding (without a formal name) which still exists today, located at the junction of Nathan Road and Hamilton Street. The white building on the left was believed to be the telephone exchange building of the then Hong Kong Telephone Company, which corner shown was on Nathan Road and Pitt Street (The other corner between Nathan Road and Waterloo Road) The exchange was demolished in 1950s or 60s for a mutli-block residential project called Bell House, probably in memory of Alexander Graham Bell and/or the fact it once stood a telephony-related facility.

Thanks for identifying the photos' locations. I've added Places to them, and hopefully we'll get some more photos of the area over time.

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I've come across a couple of photos which is in color but with more detail.

Mong Kok Building, c1960


The giagantic Mong Kok Building is situated at the junction of Nathan and Pitt, just opposite to the then telephone exchange.  The Sheaffer sign is visible at the back.  Waterloo Road was behind the camera.  The next photo shows it.

Intersection of Waterloo Road and Nathan Road, 1962


This one shows more detail of the Telephone Exchange on the left, which was later demolished and relocated to the back of Yau Ma Tei Fire Station.  You can find the current exchange at 524A Nathan Road.