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Pak Tai Temple, Wanchai

Pak Tai Temple, Wanchai

This postcard of a Chinese Temple was published by KM&Co, Hongkong. It does not look like Man Mo Temple. Is it the Tin Hau Temple in Causeway Bay?

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, January 1, 1910


Could be Pak Tai on Stone Nullah Lane?

Probably is the Pak Tai Temple. I think the nullah and the nullah bridge can be seen on the right.

Hi there, Despite there seem to be a 公所 for both Pak Tai Temple and Man Mo Temple, the one next to Man Mo Temple stood a little bit apart but this one is right next to it. The ceramic decoration at the roof top is not exactly the same at the present day Pak Tai Temple in Wanchai though. The present day version must have been swapped in during one of the renovations. T

Another clue is the steep hillside and vegetation in the background, which fits Pak Tai better.

I wonder if the terraced houses are 98 Kennedy Road, that Barbara Anslow describes in her memoir:

This is definitely not Man Mo. I've looked at photos, and I've come to a definite conclusion that this is the Pak Tai temple in Wanchai.

It is the Pak Tai Temple 北帝廟  (also called Yuk Hui Temple 玉虛宮) at Stone Nullah Lane 石水渠街 of Wan Chai 灣仔 on the north side of the Hong Kong Island.

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I've updated the title from Unknown Temple to Pak Tai Temple, Wanchai

This temple is Wan Chai Pak Tai Temple which was built by locals in 1863 at Lung On Street, near Stone Nullah Lane. Nowaways, the temple is still kept in good shape, and it is one of the declared monument of Hong Kong.