1939 Central British School staff & students | Gwulo: Old Hong Kong

1939 Central British School staff & students

1939 Central British School staff & students

3rd row, left to right:

# Name Identified by:
3ag Douglas Franklin Joan Izard
3an Mr Crozier (teacher) Joan Izard
3ao Mr McLelland (he taught sciences post war) Joan Izard
3ap Mr Mulcahy (taught Maths & became Headmaster, postwar) Joan Izard
3as Mr Upsdell ? (Headmaster) Joan Izard
3bc Mrs Hill (taught Maths post war, and I think became Headmistress) Joan Izard
3bm Pat Loseby Joan Izard

6th row, left to right:

# Name Identified by:
6bk Elena Laihovetsky Geoff Wellstead 

Photo courtesy of Joan Izard (nee Franklin). She writes:

This photo was passed on to me by my brother's wife following his death.  It shows the new Central British School in 1939. I feel it is of interest and have been wondering what to do with it.

My brother Douglas Franklin is in the 3rd row from the front, 7th boy from left ((3ag)). I also recognise Pat Loseby in white shirt on the extreme right ((3bm)).

If you recognise anyone else, please let us know in the comments below. I'd also be interested to hear whether they stayed in Hong Kong and went in to Stanley Camp, or were evacuated to Australia in 1940.

Many thanks to Joan for sharing this photo. 

Regards, David

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Sunday, January 1, 1939


Joan Izard writes:

What a shame my brother Douglas never showed this to me during his lifetime, I’m sure he could have named all the teachers.  One post-war teacher at CBS/KGV was Mr Willby (much feared) but I can’t recognise him.

Those that I do recognise are:

Mr Crozier, 2nd left of teachers (small man)

Mr McLelland 3rd left (he taught sciences post war)

Mr Mulcahy 4th left (taught Maths & became Headmaster, postwar)

Mr Upsdell is probably the name of the Headmaster seated in the middle

Extreme right (and last) of all the teachers is Mrs Hill, who taught Maths post war (and I think became Headmistress).

I've added them in to the list above.

Regards, David

I have just been looking at this photo, and recognised Mrs Hill (3bc) as she taught us maths in 1954-56. She was obviously a lot older then, a very severe, grey-haired, no-nonsense lady.  She was an excellent teacher, but insisted on calling 'columns' 'cullums' which amused and irritated some of us more irreverent pupils! Happy days... 

I've uploaded a higher-resolution copy of this photo, to help make it easier to identify faces.

Regards, David

David - My aunt, Elena Laihovetsky, is at 6bk. She was evacuated to Australia in 1940, where she later met and married a Canadian airman Charles Schwenger. She moved to Toronto Canada after the war. Her daughter has asked if there is some way she can obtain a copy of the pic. Regards - Geoff Wellstead 

Thanks Geoff, I've added your aunt to the list above. I'll check with Joan about the photo and follow-up by email.

Regards, David

Dear David and Joan,

I teach History at KGV. Joan states above that she's not sure what to do with the photo - well, we now have a 'Heritage Room' at KGV for students, alumni and visitors to wander into: it would look great hanging on the wall there.