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Repulse Bay Beach-1969

Repulse Bay Beach-1969

A nice line of mainly British cars parked next to the beach

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Tuesday, July 15, 1969


Thanks IDJ. In these older photos the beach is much narrower than it is today. Does anyone know when it was extended?

Regards, David

100% sure it's Repulse Bay ?


 Thanks for that, IDJ. Not sure how or when the beach was 'extended' but do know that over the years huge quantities of sand have been imported from Australia and the Mainland to make it as it is today. The Australian sand, apparently, is coarse. Too coarse, it seems, to play rugby on so in 2011 the organisers of Air Asia's HK Beach 5's imported 500 tons of soft sand from Zhuhai.

I do miss the McDonalds .....:-(


PS - not sure if this is Repulse Bay - taken in 1954.

Repulse Bay - 1954

Yes, this is Repulse Bay. Please see here

From recollection the extension of the beach was an early example in Hong Kong of reclamation by suction-dredging. The sea bed was sucked up and then blown onto the beach to gradually build it up. I seem to recall lighters/barges were used to carry the pumps and associated pipework. Later in the 1990s this method was widely seen around the harbour using very large purpose built suction dredgers, notably reclaiming the new West Kowloon area and many places elsewhere.