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Aerial View of Sai Kung Town 1983

Aerial View of Sai Kung Town 1983

This is an aerial view of a small part of Sai Kung Town - note the large block in the middle of the image is the 'Old House'. Today this house is no longer right by the sea - right across the street from it is the Lakeside Gardens government housing complex.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Saturday, January 1, 1983


In this image, I believe the house we're talking about is here as indicated by the yellow mark:

Sai Kung house

Quite a change from how it was in 1964 !

Hebe Haven - Pak Sha Wan - 1964

Well, that's Hebe Haven, which is outside the boundaries of the two photos above. It, too, has radically changed though. Here's approximately the same view today.