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1920s Causeway Bay

1920s Causeway Bay

A very industrial looking Causeway Bay. Click through to Flickr for some interesting notes in the comments.

Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Thursday, January 1, 1920


The Towers can be seen prominently on the hill on the right. Tai Hang Road skirts around the top of the photo. The valley below would later be cleared to construct Hong Kong Stadium (as seen here from Tai Hang Road: http://gwulo.com/node/5188).

The racecourse is on the other side. 

Although the Cotton Mills were closed in 1924, it seems as if some buildings and the chimney still exist.

Is it possible to pinpoint Sharp Street or Warren Street in this photograph? Jason Wordie’s 2016 article on Hong Kong gravestones cited on Gwulo by moddsey mentions "Causeway Bay" as the address for the C.E. Warren monumental masonry works:

Marble graves in cemeteries from Bangkok to Kuala Lumpur are fitted with small metal plates bearing the legend C.E. Warren and Co, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.

I’ve never found the precise address of the monumental masonry works, but a 1910 article mentions Sharp Street as the new address of the C.E. Warren tile factory and the approach road to it later became Warren Street, where houses were built for the workers. Would that location count as “Causeway Bay”?