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1953 Star Ferry TST

1953 Star Ferry TST
Date picture taken (may be approximate): 
Thursday, January 1, 1953


Collective memory - 1950s.  

 Had I been around in the 1950s I would have taken out my fountain pen and written to the Editor of the SCMP:

"I protest that this charming pier, from which many people have taken the Star Ferry for decades, should now, in the 1950s, be replaced with an ugly functional architectural style.  Future generation will cry shame on those who "modernize" without realizing the charm and good feelings of so many Hong Kong people who have used this pier.   The  view toward Hong Kong Island will be ruined by the proposed monstrous two story massive pier, with offices and toilets, and shops.  All we need is a simple pier - not a redevelopment complex."